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We use a three pillar model:

  1. trusted community

  2. safe accommodation

  3. education and economic empowerment

We have seen incredible results for the women with whom we work.


Our reach has grown and we are achieving our goal of lowering the chance of revictimization later in life.



of survivors felt optimistic about the future 

people supported

so far


jobs created

so far


of survivors avoid revictimization

Destiny's Impact Model

Destiny Reflection Theory of Change

Survivor Stories


Nineteen year old Deepika* joined Reflection (Destiny’s social business arm) as a trainee and within a few years had become a proficient fashion accessory artisan. Her journey hasn't been easy: She's received mental health support and istill suffers physical traumas from when she was abused as a child. Deepika also chose to stay in Destiny’s accommodation service where she received mentorship and life-skills training, along with her job training program at Reflection.


Deepika was originally from Madhya Pradesh which is a state in North India. She was trafficked to the neighboring state of Bihar at the age of fourteen. Recounting the difficulties she faced growing up, she says,


“My father was an alcoholic and  physically abusive towards my mother, me and my siblings. He would rarely give us any money; so my  mother had to put me in a factory to work as a laborer when I was thirteen years, so to make ends meet. I was  trafficked for the first time from that factory on the pretext of marriage and then trafficked  two more times, till the police rescued me."

Deepika explored other job options and worked as a trainer at another NGO. She comes back to Destiny sometimes whenever she wants to visit her friends and mentors.

*Names have been changed.

We believe that offering vulnerable women employment, skills and education can unlock their potential and help them achieve their ambitions.


Destiny’s charitable and employment programs connect with each other to provide a support structure that can span many years of a woman’s life. This is our longitudinal model.

Destiny supports girls and women through their individual successes and challenges. And crucially, our support programs span the most vulnerable times such as when a young woman leaves her shelter home or changes her job.


"I got the strength to go out as well as keep myself safe - my family and neighbour respect me - I contribute to my family."

- Survivor

"I don't feel scared now! Having a job, place to stay and people around me made me feel safe - now I have people who I can trust."

- Survivor

"I think I would have been cheated once again or had to accept exploited life - if I did not have a mentor."

- Survivor

"I was fearless, impulsive - and was exploited - right kind of mentorship taught me to plan and then act."

- Survivor

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