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Volunteering at Destiny

Destiny has operated a volunteer program for many years. Volunteers from around the world have donated their time and skills to help our organisation deliver its non-profit programs as well as support Destiny Reflection's business. We have supporters who volunteer remotely and many who have spent time in Kolkata doing front-line work.

Many of our volunteers have engaged with Destiny via their university, perhaps as a part of their course. Destiny has partnerships with several universities, including Santa Clara University and Shivaji College. Others have contacted Destiny directly.


We wholeheartedly support the vision and work of Destiny Reflection. The leaders are people of integrity with a genuine care for the vulnerable and exploited. The work of Destiny is impactful and driven by social justice. It has been our pleasure to partner with this amazing organization over the years.

Volunteers, Adria & Graham Doll
Public Service Social Workers
Vancouver, British Columbia

What is it like to work with Destiny in Kolkata?

Many volunteers choose to travel to Kolkata and live in the city whilst working at Destiny. Although this may sound daunting, Destiny provides lots of support to volunteers who are new to India including help with accommodation, transport, safety guidance, food and more. Most volunteers who work in Kolkata do so for several months. During this time, you will learn about India's culture, the problems of human trafficking, Destiny's impact model, as well as have the chance to visit places of interest.

Pre-arrival Activities

Before arriving, volunteers work with Destiny to prepare a list of activities they will be involved in. These can vary depending upon the needs of the organisation at the time, but invariably involve a mixture of front-line work on Destiny's programs plus some back-office support. We try to align the activities to your particular interests and skills.

Base Location

Your base would be Destiny's office headquarters which is in Lake Gardens in the Southern part of the city. This is a safe area which is home to numerous local eating places. We have WiFi, air conditioning, a small kitchen and lots of space to work and relax. This is also where Destiny's business is based, so you'll be able to meet most of the team from day one.

Destiny Family

Destiny is a relaxed organisation with a family atmosphere. Although we will provide you with guidance on activities, we encourage you to be bold and proactive!. We love people who ask lots of questions, talk about their ideas and get themselves involved! In the past, volunteers have helped organise festivals and events, designed new fashion accessories for our business, helped with marketing and social media, run yoga sessions, taught English, designed and run training programs... the list goes on!

Join Us!
How would you like to help?

We appreciate your interest & we'll reach out to you soon :)

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