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About Destiny

Our Mission

West Bengal has become one of South Asia's largest human trafficking hubs. Many survivors in the region remain vulnerable to exploitation due to poor education, stigma and a lack of economic empowerment. Our mission is to disrupt the cycles of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Kolkata. We do this by providing tailored and holistic support for the most vulnerable survivors.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We have adopted a longitudinal model which helps to ensure that survivors receive the support they need, at the right time. Every person is different and support is tailored accordingly. But we've found that education, safe accommodation, economic empowerment and a long-term community of friends and mentors are the key pillars for success.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Estimating the worldwide number of victims of trafficking is extremely difficult because the crime is  well  hidden, but experts at the ILO have estimated there are 40 million victims of human trafficking in the world, and the numbers are on the rise. In West Bengal, the vulnerabilities of the poorest have recently worsened due to COVID-19 which has created huge economic strife. This has left many more people vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

Financial deprivation leads to an increase in child marriage and child trafficking. Families in the poorest villages are tricked or forced into choosing exploitative options. Girls are more likely to be trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and are often moved into India's cities. Children who are trafficked usually miss out on much of their education and many are unable to return to their families to due to the stigma. At Destiny we identify the most vulnerable girls and support them during their time at shelter homes and as they become young adults.

Meet The Team


Smarita Sengupta

Founder, Director, Trustee


Sanjoy Sengupta

Business Director, Trustee


Soumitri Bhattacharya

Program and Operations Manager


Buddhedeb Kayal (Raju)

Office Manager


Shayoni Dasgupta

Counselor, Consultant, Committee Member


Snigdha Roy

Committee Member, Care & Support

committee member.jpg

Ishita Paul

Committee Member, Consultant


Neha Smanata

Community Mentor, Group Leader


Malati Das

House Mother - Destiny Homestay

Our Journey

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